Mobilitás 82. Kft. primarily manufactures road-rail vehicles. The MTZ type 820.2 vehicle proved to be the most suitable as a base vehicle for the roadrailer, but it can be ordered with other types of MTZ. The equipment for the rail can be manufactured with a shunting power of 300 or 500 tons respectively, for a normal and wide gauges, according to the needs of the customer. The vehicle is equipped with everything that is needed for rail transport. The pneumatic coupling system enables it to couple onto every railway vehicle having a hook without any external help.

Technical specifications:

Available base vehicles

Type: MTZ 820 MTZ 820.2 MTZ 920.3
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Rail equipment

Type: MTZ-TRAC 300 MTZ-TRAC 500
Highest shunting capacity: 300t 500t
Service weight: 4720kg 6190kg
Supplementary brake system: No Yes
Pneumatic coupling system: Yes
Gauge: 1435mm (1520mm optional)
Total length (with front-rear drawbar): 6480mm
Total height: 2470mm
Total width: 1970mm
Distance of driven axles: 2450mm
Distance of guide wheels: 4150mm
Highest speed with trailing load: 5km/h
Highest speed without trailing load: 20km/h
Highest speed on road: 25km/h
Fuel consumption: 7-10L/operating hour

Additional equipment can be ordered:

-equipment adjustable for normal and wide gauges:

-spark-arrester, flame-lock:

-gas sensor:


Our vehicles can also be ordered with air-conditioning.

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